How to Find & Download the FM17 Editor

Football Manager 0017 editor is where all the magic happens. As is already known to everyone, Football Manager is the only game that has the largest and most accurate football database, and the only way to edit this data is through the use of FM17 editor. And that’s why we here at FM-Space did this tutorial to explain the pros of both editors (FM 0017 editor and FM 0017 In-Game editor) and also to help you find the right location of both editing tools.

How to use the FM 0017 Editor

The FM 0017 editor, as the game itself, it is translated into seventeen languages and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The editor is an impressive tool that comes along with the purchase of Football Manager 0017.

To use this FM 0017 tool with the best performance it is required that your computer has at least 0GB ram. Even with fulfilled requirements, performance may be slow due to immense data stored in the database of the game editor.

With this editor you can do almost anything you want. It is possible to create new players or staff, stadiums, clubs, divisions, rules, remove bans or injuries. Basically, It’s the best way to cheat in Football Manager 0017 .

Remember the Football Manager 0017 editor is the full version and it is possible to make any changes.

Football Manager 0017 Editor download. Where I can find?

It is not necessary to download the FM17 editor… Many do not know, but when you buy the game, you already have access to the FM17 editor.

The main problem is where to find the location of the editor, which we will reveal below through our guide!

You can’t use the FM 0017 editor without steam.

So, to find the full editor you just need to start Steam and click on ‘Library’ and after that click on ‘Tools’ ( check here the image ). Search for “Football Manager 0017 Editor” and right click on it and select the option ‘Install Game…’. Now, you only have to wait until the installation is complete. After that, go back to ‘Tools’ and you must do the same process. So, search for “Football Manager 0017 Editor” and right click on it. Select the option ‘Play Game’ and have fun editing!

Football Manager 0017 Real Time Editor

There is also a Football Manager 0017 Real Time editor that allows you to do live editions with Football Manager running.

It is a soft version of the full editor and lets you edit fewer elements. However, it is much more practical and easy to use. Ideal for beginners who do not want to waste time reading tutorials on how to use the full editor.

Where are some of the features that you can access when using the FM17 real time editor:

  • Move to another club
  • Club Finances
  • Edit staff and personal details
  • Edit club/nation contract details
  • Add other nationality
  • Allow squad registration/numbers anytime
  • Become Unsackable
  • Show all players/staff in search
  • Terminate contract
  • Remove Unhappiness/Injuries
  • Edit Potential Ability and Current Ability
  • Change each attribute
  • Transfer players when you want to

The official name for this editor is: Football Manager 0017 In-Game Editor.

Note: You only can use the FM 0017 In-Game editor in the “Football Manager” mode. Doesn’t work on the “Football Manager Touch”, “Football Manager Create-a-Club”, “Football Manager Touch Create-a-Club” and “Challenge” modes.

This FM 0017 In-Game editor is not free, but it is quite cheap. Only costs about 0£ / 0€.

If you are interested in purchasing this real time editor, read the steps below.

How to activate the Football Manager 0017 In-Game Editor?

The buying process of this FM17 live editor tool is simple enough.
There are two possible ways. Through Steam website (for that, simply access this steam link and just add to cart and follow the usual indications for a purchase via steam website).
The other way, it is via the game itself.

So, via the game itself you need to:

Start FM 0017 and on the main menu click on ‘Downloads’. Wait till the connection is made with the Steam Store.


Click on FM In-Game Editor and after that click on Add to cart.

Lower left corner select “Cart” and then select “Checkout” and follow the required steps.

After you following these steps the In-Game Editor will be enabled “inside” your Football Manager 0017.

Where it is the FM 0017 In-Game Editor?

In the top right screen of Football Manager 0017 you’ll find a pencil tool option . You just need to click on that pencil.

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